Sunday, September 7, 2008

Go, Go, Gibson!

So, it turns out that Gibson did, indeed, get his first point yesterday!

Today, we were able to watch as he went BOW for his second point (happily, the bitch points held!).  It was fun seeing him in the ring, and Kylie did a beautiful job showing him.  I also got to meet Gibson's daddy, Bogey, for the first time.  He is beautiful!

Watson went BOB competition.  So we stuck around for group.  We didn't place, although I really enjoyed the judge, and it was fun watching Kylie take a Group 4 with her special, Darcy.  

My brother came with a friend to watch today, and we enjoyed grabbing a bite of lunch (even though it was just dog show food) after the breed judging.  All in all, a very nice-- and pretty low-key-- weekend!

Saturday, September 6, 2008


While we're waiting to hear show results from Gibson's second weekend out in the big bad world of dog shows, I thought I'd catch up on recent events.

We have not done any showing during the month of August. However, Gibson made his debut last weekend in Amana, IA, with Becki & Kylie. He went RWD all 3 days. He shows, I'm told, "like a dream" and was the life of the party at the host's home, inciting approximately 25 other Field spaniels to chase after him as he was running around the yard with a toy. Completely unflappable. That's our boy!

We dropped him off last night so that Kylie could show him today at the Kenosha KC show in Wilmot, WI. Fields showed earlier this afternoon, so we are awaiting results. (I assume we'll hear something after groups finish.) Tomorrow, we'll drive down early. Kylie will show Gibson in BBE. He is the only class dog, and she has to show another dog in BOB, so I am expecting to show him in breed. Should be fun!

Mr. Watson is the only Clumber entry. We show around 11:30 and will likely stay for group, since it'll be good experience for both Watson and me.

Will post again once I have today's results, or tomorrow when we wrap up at the show...