Sunday, September 7, 2008

Go, Go, Gibson!

So, it turns out that Gibson did, indeed, get his first point yesterday!

Today, we were able to watch as he went BOW for his second point (happily, the bitch points held!).  It was fun seeing him in the ring, and Kylie did a beautiful job showing him.  I also got to meet Gibson's daddy, Bogey, for the first time.  He is beautiful!

Watson went BOB competition.  So we stuck around for group.  We didn't place, although I really enjoyed the judge, and it was fun watching Kylie take a Group 4 with her special, Darcy.  

My brother came with a friend to watch today, and we enjoyed grabbing a bite of lunch (even though it was just dog show food) after the breed judging.  All in all, a very nice-- and pretty low-key-- weekend!

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