Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Return from the Land of Waffle House and Southern Hospitality

So we had a lovely time in Georgia for the hunt tests this past weekend! The drive was l-o-n-g, but the trip was well worth it: new senior hunter "legs" for both dogs. Moving on after completing their Junior Hunt titles earlier this fall, Gibson now has a total of 2 senior legs, and Watson brought home his first. As always, I was extremely proud of how well Michael handled them at the tests and of the hard work he has put in to get them to this point!

This was our first trip to these tests. They have been highly recommended over the years, though, and the Cocker Spaniel Specialty Club of Georgia did an excellent job, as advertised. The grounds and hospitality were first-rate. Thank you for hosting this event! Special thanks to the judges who donated their time to make and to the other Clumber folk who came out to cheer on our breed this past weekend. Congratulations to the other qualifiers, especially the Clumbers, and special kudos to those who titled this weekend - Kara, Cathy, and Roe!

While we traveled with the "youngsters," Wooster vacationed with our good friends Darrell and Brenna, along with Thor, Loki and Sebastian. Thanks guys! To the cats: we owe you a new glitter ball. Sorry Wooster ate yours (but glad it came back up!). To Wooster: sorry you had to eat cat food for breakfast yesterday. Don't know how I mis-counted when I was scooping out food to send with you!

And now, to continue the pattern of the bad weather following us wherever we go this past week (including Georgia!), we brace for the winter storm...

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