Thursday, October 4, 2007

Happy Birthday, Wooster!

A belated but very happy birthday to Wooster, CH Clussexx Shining Star JH, SH!

We celebrated Wooster's 7th birthday yesterday. It's easy to remember his birthday, as it is only 1 day before our wedding anniversary. I think Michael was happy to have finished Woo's senior hunter title before his 7th birthday. I've been looking forward to this birthday myself, since 7 years is the minimum age to show in veteran classes at conformation shows. That is the only class Wooster is eligible for in AKC shows as a neutered dog (and only in specialty shows, at that!). There won't be many shows we can do, given the restrictions, but there will be a couple a year. We may also be doing some UKC or international shows, too, just for the fun of it (and assuming they don't involve large travel expenses, at least until we move the condo!).

Wooster is not your average dog. He's extremely smart-- you can always see the wheels turning in his head. Our vet says he is a "fire sign." (Kipper was an "earth sign," according to her, and I think Watson is an earth, too.) Wooster is also very busy and extremely athletic. All this means he needs a job like nobody's business, which is why it's great that Michael has done so much with him in the field!

We love you, Wooster! Looking forward to many great years together!


Kim said...

Can't believe Mr Woo is 7. I remember when he was just wee thing.... I hope he is leaving all the cords intact!

Ruthless said...

hi wooster! happy birthday from the emerald isle.