Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Return of the...

Well, last Saturday was to have been our triumphant return to the show ring, and I was hoping t0 get our last point and finish Watson's championship. (2 bitches were entered, so if Watson had gone BW, he could have had a crossover point.) Instead, it just goes to prove that old saying about "best laid plans."

We awoke early on Saturday to bathe Watson and finish our grooming. Michael washed the dog, then took a nap while I did the blowdrying and grooming. This is our usual division of labor. Washing the dog is one of Michael's contributions to our conformation showing (an activity that is more to my liking-- he'd rather be hunting), and I might add that it is much appreciated, since the washing is not an activity that I especially enjoy.

We then set off for Freeport, IL. This was, ostensibly, a trip of about an hour and three-quarters, according to the Internets. Unfortunately, the Internets did not account for us accidentally exiting early and going through downtown Rockford, adding at least half an hour to the trip. We arrived just in time for Watson and I to exit the vehicle and find out our ring had been moved. Thankfully, the new ring was not far away and they were running a bit behind schedule. I located one of the other Clumber exhibitors who told me that the other bitch was also her dog and would not be competing. So much for our point.

In retrospect, I should have realized that Watson was quiet while waiting to go in the ring-- too quiet. Michael said later that Watson wasn't wagging his tail when the judge came over to examine him-- a dead giveaway. Although I thought he was moving rather well in spite of his obvious (in hindsight) , the judge liked the girl better on Saturday. Watson went BOS (he was the obvious-- well, only-- choice) but made a complete mess of himself not 5 minutes later when I took him out to head back to the truck. Good timing, my poor boy!

So, between the beating, lack of points, sick dog and 8 am ring time on Sunday, we decided to skip the 2 hour drive the next day. I was not at all sad about this, under the circumstances. Add to that that it was the first weekend day that we had had, at home, to ourselves, in more than a month, and it added up to an OK decision.

No shows anywhere in Wisconsin for some time, though, unfortunately. Anyone for Michigan or Indiana?

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