Saturday, January 5, 2008

Spring (Oh How I Wish) Thaw

Well, maybe it's not THE Spring Thaw, but it's better than no thaw at all. Our gutters have been dripping all day, which is a good sign that some of our ice dams are beginning to thaw. Sure hope it stays warm enough to melt most of them before it gets cold again!

We sure took advantage of the warmer weather. I started off the day with a visit to my honorary nephew (4 mos. yesterday). They have a new pet supply store near them, so we took the baby for a walk up there. (I had been informed via cell phone that we were OUT OF DOG TREATS! A travesty! Hence...) The store, Nutzy Mutz & Crazy Catz, is run by a woman who recently rescued a live chicken from a Wisconsin landfill. (See the original Capital Times story here. As an aside, the chicken, named Consuela May, was treated by one of our favorite veterinarians, who now focuses on Chinese veterinary medicine. You can visit her online here. I recommend her highly, especially for canine acupuncture, which we have used for Wooster.). The shop sells only super-premium dog and cat food, along with high quality dog and cat toys and treats, and an amazing selection of fun collars and leashes. Very nice. And I was able to acquire the necessary bribes-- I mean, treats-- for the boys.

After that, we took a long overdue (due to inclement-- read, COLD-- weather) trip to the dog park. We've all been going stir-crazy in the house. The Clumbers love the cooler weather, even though I'm longing for sunshine and 80-degree days. They frolicked around, sniffing, meeting other dogs and even-- gasp!-- playing with each other. What a joy to watch their antics-- being unable to live in the moment is a common human failing that is completely unknown to dogs. They had a great time, and therefore, so did we. We're all a little worn out! The dogs are resting now. Despite the warm-up, a hot bowl of chili sounds like a grand idea; I think we'll stay in for dinner.

Looking forward to another dog park visit tomorrow...

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Ruthless Pal said...

what i really enjoyed...was the detour to the chicken story. it's all in the detail baby!