Saturday, December 27, 2008

End of the Holiday

Well, here we are on the last night of a 4-day family visit - his and mine!  I think this has gone well.  Everyone has gotten along, and things have been mostly relaxing.  This is partly due to our having decided that something had to give (as I said to my mom: "it was the dusting!"), so that even though things weren't perfect, we were able to enjoy ourselves anyway.

Gibson has been a little more low-key this weekend than when we visited Mom & Dad in MI over Thanksgiving.  Of course, it helps that he is in familiar surroundings.  Also, my brother made it a personal mission to wear Gibson out - took him for at least 3, maybe 4 good walks on Thursday and Friday, plus lots of indoor play, usually involving 2 tennis balls.  Little bro likes dogs but has never been really crazy about the Clumbers (mostly because they slobber, I think).  I guess this is why God invented cats.  

He loves Gibson, though - I think the little Field spaniel reminds him more of our childhood Cocker, Candy, who he adored.  She was much-loved as our family pet, despite being a bit temperamental (my brother would probably tell you all of my run-ins with her teeth were purely my fault, though - probably shouldn't make a Cocker try to pull a sled!).

(Of course, Gibson isn't really cocker-y (and Candy was an ASCOB, not a black, Cocker), but there is somewhat more of a resemblance than with the Clumbers, even though he has a sunnier temperament than Candy.  Also, he doesn't slobber like a Clumber!)

I think Gibson really had fun with his "uncle" too!

Watson re-discovered the pond today during the thaw.  Luckily he was willing to come out without my having to wade in after him!  I have a feeling it is going to be an "attractive nuisance" any time the weather turns a bit warm.  Any amount of slush in the pond is enough to interest the dogs, and especially Watson, who we are really trying to keep CLEAN.  We really need to work on that recall...!  I don't really want the freezing temps back, but it will certainly help in keeping Watson out of the pond! 

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