Monday, November 5, 2007

Back in the Saddle

Wow, I almost forgot to blog--it's early in the NaBloPoMo game to be doing that!

We (Watson & I, that is) are entered for the Lakeshore KC dog show Thanksgiving weekend. Should be a fun time. It will have been almost 2 months since our last show at the end of September. Since that time, it has been thistle season. Not good for coats! So we will have to work on that between now and then, as much as possible. And start gaiting again, maybe even go to class! We've slacked off quite a bit since September.

We may even be doing a UKC show for practice in the next couple of weeks. They seem to hold them pretty routinely around here, and they are supposed to be somewhat more laid back than AKC events, so I thought it would at least be good practice. Plus, Wooster can participate in the "altered" class. Now there's a descriptive term for my dear Woo!

Michael suggests a future blog topic should be "unreasonable husbands and the women who love them." D'ya suppose he means me?

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