Thursday, November 1, 2007

Bake me a biscuit

Well, I have recently revived an old tradition of making homemade dog biscuits. I haven't done it since we moved or even since we got Watson. I don't think I've baked anything for the dogs since Kipper died. I seem to get in the baking mood when there's a lot of stress in my life, and this is unlikely to be an exception. (Still sitting on an unsold condo and nearing the end of our fiscal year at work.) Michael first observed this while I was in law school-- famously procrastinating studying for finals-- and it appears to be the case.

Anyway, the dogs seem to be enjoying the fruits of my labor. The peanut butter/applesauce is very popular, though I don't think my substitution of steel-cut oats in place of corn meal yielded as good a result as I was hoping. They also seem to enjoy the garlic and cheese. (Actually, I tasted that one myself... what??? It's all human grade-- mostly organic-- ingredients. And not too bad for something that has no sugar or salt in it!)

One of these days, either my stress level will go down, or maybe I'll start baking for people again. Either way, the dogs are digging the status quo! Too bad THEY can't bake...

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Ruthless said...

dude, i'm delighted to hear you're gonna be posting daily. woooo hooooo!!! (wooooster hooooooo!) i've been checking this page every week but only now realised that i was checking for updates on your splash page and not the actual blog. doh!