Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I Hear Queen Playing in the Background & I Don't Know Why

OK, maybe I do know. This past Sunday, under Judge Judith Goodin at the Lake Shore KC shows in Crete, IL, Watson finished his championship, becoming CH. Shogun's The Good Doctor. (Ruth - this occurred despite us having left the super suit at home. Honest, I meant to pack it, but when we got home, it was waiting by the door where I'd left it.) All points owner-handled by me - can you tell I'm proud of myself?

We had a fairly relaxing weekend. Although we had to get up early on Saturday to drive the 3 hours to Crete and still be there in time to set up and groom, we did get to sleep in on Sunday, since we didn't show until after 2. Saturday did not go as planned for Watson's camp. (Way to go Subway, though!) So when the judge pointed at us on Sunday, there was much rejoicing. Once again, I want to thank Helen and Otto, without whom there would be no Watson, and Jim Fankhauser, who has provided support and encouragement along the way. Thanks also to the many new friends that we've gotten to know while showing. OK, I know this isn't the Oscars or anything...I'm just still high as a kite! Oh, the excitement of it all!

Watson's 2nd birthday is coming up, so we'll give him at least a couple of weeks off while we busily arrange hip/elbow xrays and other health clearances. (Yes, I know they don't all have to wait until age 2, but we've been a little busy: moving, showing, finding tenants, hunting, and finishing up the title!) We'll let him savor the taste of victory for a while before we put him back to work.

Meanwhile, Michael & Woo are planning to get "back on the wagon" for hunt training as soon as the holidays are over with.

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Ruthless said...

Oh Watson! I am soooo proud of you!!! I hope you are romping around and feeling no pressure. And I know 'owner handled' is a big deal Jen. Well done you. Miss you all. Many hugs. Ruthie